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 Special WetHOP

Fresh hop has a loss of 39% of its hop oils during drying after hop harvest.
Further 10% of the hop oils are gone due to crushing and deaerating during processing of hop pellets.

Benefits of Special WetHOP

  • Special WetHOP is packed directly after hop harvest like hop pellets but without drying
  • Special WetHOP contains all components of fresh harvested hops
  • Special WetHOP is stable
  • Special WetHOP is steril packed
  • Special WetHOP is green, wet and whirlpool capable hop
  • Special WetHOP is a patent

= perfect as CRAFTBIER-HOP

Quality of Special WetHOP

  • Very pleasant and round bitterness
  • Typical green hop aroma
  • All aroma oils remain in the hops since no hop drying process
  • Lupulin glands preserved

= Fresh harvested Green HOP with consistency of pellets

How to use Special WetHOP ?

  • Special WetHOP can be used in brewhouses with external calandria
  • Special WetHOP can be stored for more than one year without losses of quality
  • Special WetHOP can be used perfectly for dry-hopping since it is a steril product and it is not swimming on top of the beer in lager tank
  • Special WetHOP can be pre-isomerised without catalysts

= GREEN HOP all the year

Which sorts are available?

  • Herkules
  • Cascade
  • Mandarina Bavaria
  • Perle
  • Polaris
  • Spalter Select

Comparison Special WetHOP to normal DryHOP