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BrewContec is offering Pub Breweries and industrial breweries as well.

For the brewing industry we design plants for individual needs. What extends our service over the design and planning of brewing equipment is consulting, conceptioning up to staff training on site. This latter service we regard as a perfect “software” which comes along with an excellent “hardware” – the suitable brewery system.

Joint with experienced partners from brewing industry and the knowledge of the latest trends we create brewing plants matching individual requirements for a new beer adventure.

Depending on the area, country and intended concept a lot of different techniques are required – a demand which we face with flexibility and new innovations for brewery equipment as well as creativity in design.

No matter if thinking of pub brewery or industrial breweries, we focus on the unity of balanced quality and individual adaption at best costs at the same time – for your benefit!

High performance brewing systems has to be designed according to economical and ecological aspects to allow maximum flexibility and efficiency as well as to reduce energy consumption. Therefore state of the art brewing systems are built with professional and well tested techniques.

Further the user-friendliness and reliability of the control are keys for a high quality end product. Different automation grades based on the open control system and future-orientated Soft SPS with standard Siemens components permits an independend system maintenance and extension.

Talk to us and let us know your plans or what kind of brewery equipment you are exactly looking for.

If you want to purchase a comlete new brewery or if you prefer second hand components – I am sure we will find an individual soulution.

If you need raw materials and supplies - from the grain to the glass – we will assist finding what you need.

Do you have any equipment for sale?

We will find a new future home for your used brewery equipment.

Send us detailed informations about your machines you are selling.

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15 hl brewhouse 10 hl brewhouse 30 hl brewhouse in stainless steel


BrewConTec  BrewConTec  BrewConTec BrewConTec
Cylindro-conical unitanks single-wall storage tanks


BrewConTec BrewConTec
Unitanks Stainless steel brewhouse  


BrewConTec BrewConTec BrewConTec


BrewCponTec BrewConTec BrewConTec
Bottle filler Keg plant Keg plant


BrewConTec BrewConTec BrewConTec
Automatic hop dosing Pre-masher Lauter tun

All orders will be realized by innovative mechanical engineering.
Every brewing equipment is designed by CAD/CAM automation systems and will be worked out individuell upon your request. According to advanced and top quality technology brewery plants are developed and made state of the art by well known manufacturers.


BrewConTec BrewConTec BrewConTec


BrewConTec BrewConTec BrewConTec