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Defined increase of hop aroma in finished beer.

Dry hopping is a very popular method to bring hop aroma to the beer.

When hops are added to the boiled wort in the wort kettle - even if the last hop addition is very late - most of the hop
oils are volatile during boiling process. Therefore the yield of essential oils in the brewhouse is quite low. More and more
craft brewers are doing dry hopping to create hoppy beers.

One method for dry hopping is to use a hop aroma extractor. This is a cylindrical tank with tangential inlets. It can be used
for whole hops or hop pellets. While circulating the cold beer under pressure in the hop aroma extractor the pellets are
dissolved and the essential oils will be extracted from the beer by passing a perforated candle in the centre of the vessel.
This process will be done after main fermentation or when beer is transferred from fermenter to storage tank.

Dry hopped beers reflect the hop aroma of the respective hop sort.

With the method of dry hopping it is possible to create beers with special and marked hop flavors.

In Germany dry hopping is known as "Hopfenstopfen" (stopfen = stuff). It is named "hopfenstopfen" since in the past the
hops has been stuffed into the tank or barrel through the bung hole.

This hop technology is the perfect, automatable solution for your special hop profile!!



Advantages at a glance:                                                  

⇒ defined and gentle solution of hop pellets in cold beer
⇒ optimal transfer of essential hop oils into the beer
⇒ defined contact time
⇒ no loss of CO2 in bright beer
⇒ no input of heat as no mixer is needed
⇒ good separation of the extracted hop particles - no filtration problems
⇒ easy connection to existing CIP system for cleaning and sanitizing